Super Bowl Boulevard Leads To Sales Before The Big Game

Let the Super fun begin! To celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII, New York City, the Super Bowl Host Committee and GMC have dreamed up “Super Bowl Boulevard,” a series of football-themed experiences that will take over Times Square the week leading up to the big game. Super Bowl Boulevard expects to generate massive amounts of revenue for N.Y.C.and the NFL.

Spanning thirteen blocks along one of the world’s most famous streets, the Boulevard is the epicenter for NFL fans during Super Bowl XLVIII celebrating all things football. Fans from all over the world and residents of the region will stop by to experience the fun.

The NFL has also opened a Super Bowl-themed shop at Macy’s Herald Square that will sell sports memorabilia and host appearances from sports celebrities including N.Y. Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

According to stats complied by Wright Communications Worldwide Inc. $1.85 billion was spent on Super Bowl advertising over the past 10 years ($262.5 million was spent on last year’s broadcast), In 2013 it cost $4 million for some of the Super Bowl’s 30-second spots, That’s up $3.5 million from 2012.

Companies that will buy ads this year include Beer giant Budweiser,Food Companies General Mills, Frito- Lay and Nestle. Of course the Car companies are not far behind. Expect to see ads from Audi,Toyota, Jaguar and Volkswagen. Other companies involved are Beats, H&M and Bank of America.super bowl

January Is Financial Wellness Month

Wright Communications Worldwide would like to recognize the month of January as Financial Wellness Month. It just so happens that it is also the month for making good on resolutions and “starting fresh”. Have you resolved to save more, spend less or work harder at sticking to your budget?

January is a particularly good time for Financial Wellness Month since many Americans  over spend during the holidays each year. What better way to start the year than by evaluating your Financial Wellness? Regardless of when you begin the basics remain the same.

At the top of the list is setting priorities which is often the hardest step in achieving your goals. Make firm decisions about which goals to pursue.

Another important factor is making a budget, get your spending under control and mazimize every dollar. Investing money is always a wise idea. Investment options include stocks,bonds and mutual funds.

If your resolution this year is to improve your finances or if you just want to celebrate National Financial Month to the fullest. Financial Wellness Month provides a great time to start thinking about your financial future as well as that of your employees.

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Digital publishing: How it will evolve in 2014 and beyond


I recently attended Le Web in Paris, where the theme of the conference was innovation in the next decade. It got me to thinking about where we go with publishing. Even on Google, you won’t be able to find an article on publishing trends from the 1440s, the decade after Johannes Gutenberg introduced movable type printing to Europe. But if you did, it would probably focus more on the gloomy outlook for the illuminated manuscript industry than on the then-unfolding print revolution, which launched cascading innovations that would change everything and usher in the Age of Enlightenment.

Something similar is at work today: Digital publishing is now a mature, thriving industry, and yet many still insist that publishing is in its death throes. Book publishers know better: While hardcover sales declined slightly between 2008 and 2012 (from $5.2 billion to $5 billion), eBook sales grew at an astonishing clip…

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Blast from the Past: Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

The Daily Post

The Daily Post is on hiatus from December 24 to December 31, so we’ll be highlighting great posts from the archives that you might have missed the first time around (never fear — there’ll still be a new Photo Challenge on Friday!). 

To get started, here’s the first installment of our popular “Choosing the Perfect Blog Name” series, featuring Where’s My Toothbrush and Raising My Rainbow:

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Google sues to protect Android device makers from Apple-backed patent hell


Update:This article produced a torrent of abuse, accusations and even some insight from commenters, John Gruber and others. I’ve responded further below.

Google(s goog) has filed a new lawsuit to challenge an Apple-backed consortium known as Rockstar that is using dubious patents to threaten its partners and customers in the mobile device industry.

In a complaint filed Monday in San Jose, Google claims that Rockstar’s patent campaign is taking aim at hundreds of California tech companies and that the litigation has “placed a cloud on Google’s Android platform,” threatening Nexus devices in particular.

The lawsuit amounts to an effort to shield ASUS and other companies that use the open source Android operating system from a legal extermination effort by Rockstar, which filed a wave of lawsuits in late October:

Among the myriad companies ensnared in Rockstar’s patent dragnet are customers and partners of Google who use the Android platform…

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Smart services: extending the cloud to application design

Good article


Moving storage and compute to the cloud has simplified billing, sourcing and resource scaling, but the fundamentals of application design have not changed. Hard-coded APIs and services remain rigidly tied to finite inputs and fixed results, denying developers the ability the full range of interoperability the cloud can bring, such as the pervasive and configurable use of services.

In this webinar, our panel will address these topics:

  • How do we combat the rise of silos in the cloud and within the enterprise?
  • How should developers rationalize and govern services and APIs?
  • How do you deal with MDM and code reuse?
  • How does this approach improve devops and improve life cycle management?
  • What are the best practices and technologies for building and deploying services?

Speakers include:

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What will CRM look like in 2015?

Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of a marketing plan.


When I joined in 2002, the question was, why isn’t enterprise software as easy to use as That simple idea transformed an industry and gave rise to a $24 billion dollar business. With enterprise cloud computing, the technical barriers to CRM adoption were overcome, providing a clear path to CRM success.

A little more than ten years later, I believe we are on the precipice of another disruptive shift. The question we are asking today is, why aren’t companies able to operate with the same data-driven intelligence as an Amazon? As I see it, there are at least two major obstacles holding us back.

  1. The first obstacle is that CRM databases start empty. When you start your trial there are a couple records of demo data, but really it is up to you to fill it up. Sure there are add-on products where you can pay-per-record to…

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