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How Social Media is changing the world (Infographic)

Social Media has made a powerful impact on the world we live in.  The Infographic shows how Social Media has changed the areas of Law Enforcement, Education, Employment, Politics and Marketing.

For example, 50% of people learn about breaking news on Social Media. Consider the total number of news outlets across the country and one realizes the numbers are significant.

People have not abandoned print, Newspapers have a slight lead when it comes to people receiving  their news at 28%. There are  27% of people who receive all news from social networking sites. Radio comes in a distant third with 18%.

Marketers are able to brand their products successfully with the use of Social Media.  Business owners spend 50% more time on Social Media than those who don’t own a business.  In addition 74% of Marketers saw an increase in web traffic after investing six hours a day on Social Media. Globally 46% of online users count on Social Media when making a purchase decision.

Regarding social activity the numbers are astounding. 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter, while 23% of Facebook users check their account at least five times a day. It certainly seems like Social media will continue to impact the world we live in for years to come.